Researchers Develop Novel Structure to Harness Energy from Ocean Waves

Saurabh Shah provides an exciting view of wave energy.

Researchers from Xiamen University and Zhejiang University from China demonstrated a new type of structure that makes energy harvesting easy by concentrating the energy of passing waves into a smaller area. Further developments in the technique are expected to facilitate its practical deployment in offshore wave energy projects.


“The motion of the ocean has always defined energy. Time to capture it.”

-Ray Dean

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Ethanol – a solution to Pakistan’s power woes

Umer Khayyam & Tehzeeb Bano offer a nice view and analysis of a very interesting initiative.

With biofuels replacing non-renewable energy sources including petroleum products, coal, etc, the creation of biofuel feedstock from forest and agriculture has been considered as a long-term source of energy.

The shift to biofuels and further research and development work remains a subject matter that is indeed linked to factors like increase in oil costs alongside growing concern over carbon dioxide discharge, environmental degradation, global warming and climate change.


“A very insightful and forward thinking solution that needs to be put into play.”

– Ray Dean

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The unexpected job market being created by renewable energy

SOLA Future Energy’s Dom Wills discusses the renewable energy economic and workforce development opportunities in South Africa.

JOHANNESBURG – The renewable energy sector could provide an unexpected but much-needed jobs boost to South Africa’s employment levels, as the sector continues to mature.

This is the view of renewables experts SOLA Future Energy , the company that replaced Robben Island’s diesel-powered electricity supply with a grid driven by solar energy. This work earned them a nomination in the recent Vision2030 awards, a contest that recognises organisations, enterprises and individuals that are aligned with the government’s Nine-Point Plan to boost economic growth, and the National Development Plan (NDP).


“Without the human supply chain, there is no supply chain. South Africa can change the future.”

-Ray Dean

From black gold to light

Nice analysis from Kristopher James Kent

When record-breaking bids to provide low cost solar energy to the Middle East began appearing from 2016 onwards, some commentators suspected that hidden government subsidies or loss-leader tactics were at play in order to secure a position in a burgeoning industry. In a region so synonymous with oil production, the surprisingly low solar prices from relative newcomers to the renewable energy game raised eyebrows.


“Advances in renewable energy technology and storage drive a new view of energy economies”

-Ray Dean

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Oil and Gas Corporates Could Help Power Africa’s Solar Revolution

Thomas Hillig’s insightful guide and review for Africa’s energy transition.

In many African countries, the power system is not mature. Significant generation and grid capacity is missing. Building up the system allows for an optimised approach. Additional generation capacity can be built on-site.


“Oil and Gas knows whats at stake here. Their involvement towards global energy transition will also be a win for their shareholders.”

-Charles Ray

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