Our “Multi-Cultural Bridge”

The year of the Aurora Project Community “Multi-Cultural Bridge”

Where does your culture live?

What makes you cultural a wonder in its own right?
What are the magic ingredients that create and separate our individual homelands?
Would you like to know?
Today, hundreds are making the most of our community interaction and taking on their “next great ideas”  with knowledge that gives them confidence in their pursuits.
 Let us know what is going on in your cultural wonderland and we will be happy to share with our global friends.
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Tunisia Looks To Boost Renewable Sector

Good news from  Oxford Business Group 

Slim Feriani, the minister of industry and small and medium-sized enterprises, announced in mid-January that the country was seeking to attract $2bn in foreign investment by launching international bids to develop a series of wind and solar power projects over the next three years.

These investments would create 1900 MW of generation capacity by 2022, which, by that time, would account for about 22 percent of installed capacity.


Nepal to host 5th International Young Scientist Congress on “Alternative Resources and Technology Development”

From merinews and Dr. Lalit Kishore

The 5th International Young Scientist Congress (IYSC-2019) with the focal Theme “Alternative Resources and Technology Development” along with a workshop on Research Methodology is going held in Nepal on 8th & 9th May which is being Organized by jointly by India-based International Science Community Association and Mid- Western University, Surkhet, Nepal.

“From young scientist comes the future”

-Ray Dean



Puerto Rico to officially go 100% renewable

Good news from pv magazine and Tim Sylvia

Senate Bill 1121 has been given final approval by the Puerto Rico legislature and is headed to the desk of Governor Ricardo Rosselló. When passed, it will make the island the fifth state-level jurisdiction to establish a 100% zero-carbon and/or renewable energy mandate.


“After the devastation of Hurricane Maria and the disastrous and sluggish energy recovery, the idea that Puerto Rico is able to not only dust itself off, but see a future beyond the short term is remarkable.”

-Ray Dean