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Yorkshire Dales and London Ales

Yorkshire & London 2017

Chapter I

“Baa-ram-ewe! Baa-ram-ewe! To your breed, your fleece, your clan be true!”
Yorkshire Sheep.jpg
Sometime in April
Are you ready for some England?
Packing nearly done. “Last call”, if you will. Flights ready, trains ready, cars ready, hotels ready, London house in Fulham ready. So, are we ready? ……..“Bloody well right!”
Football Sacrilege
As we are transiting Atlanta to Manchester, we have a double football sacrilege. As New Orleans Saints Football Fans, our sworn enemy is the Atlanta Falcons, and as a tried and true Arsenal Gunners Futbol Fans, our sworn enemy is Manchester United, or “Man U”. So we will be in heavy disguised hiding with our fleur-delis’ and cannon insignia until we are clear of the enemy.
Grimsby work and pilgrimages
The joy of this trip is multiple and geometric. On a business level, the English Governments energy arm has asked us to do a speaking engagement in Bridlington, Yorkshire. Interestingly enough, Yorkshire is not an area we have explored. Been through on trains many times, but never exploration. I have been to Kingston-Upon-Hull before, but was wall to wall business and another speaking invitation by the Grimsby energy group. That was a little over a year ago and in the dead of winter on this North Sea port. As it is May, and we have a great deal of non-working time over the next weeks, this will be a very different trip.
The most important and significant joy of this trip is that Hayley is in her finest travel mode. We were hesitant about such a significant travel excursion; however the medical team was not only agreeable, they were enthusiastic about taking the trip. This kind of travel would wear down a twenty year old, so the team’s confidence is a very strong gauge of positive status when reading between the lines. We also have the confidence of the recent Florida “test run” which was quite successful in its logistics and transportation travails.
The trip also has historic connectivity in that Hayley’s maternal grandmother is from Yorkshire. So there is a small pilgrimage involved. Both of Hayley’s grandmothers were English and worked in the class system of the late 1800 and early 1900s. In both cases her fraternal English grandfather and her maternal Scottish grandfather wanted a better life as they boarded ships, forever leaving their homeland for the new world. Also, as Hayley’s great grandfather was born in Leeds in 1853, we will stop by the registry to see what we can find.
The Luck of Chayley 
Chayley is a derivative of Charles & Hayley with copious amounts of alcohol involved.
There is a magazine/guide in London called “Time Out”. It is a Weekly arts, entertainment and leisure mag that we have relied on over the years for the latest music, theatre, restaurants etc…
Of course, now we have “Apps”. So a few times a week we get updates on the various from our Time Out App.
So back to the luck; on the way to the last “Riding the Dragon” show for a month, we received an update called London’s greatest bars. Not hard to get our attention. The title article says “A cocktail paradise on North End Road.” Then goes on to say, “Every now and then in this city you get to see someone great before they are famous….in the back room of a pub. Or, in this case, mixologists.” The bar is called “Below the Cut”. It is below a new steakhouse called Hanger which apparently has the best Hanger Steak and Chips around.
One of the drink combos is Guinness and Tequila. Odd, but the food and wine critic says, “It works”. That’s going to work very well for me.
So, finally getting to the luck part. Hanger and Below the Cut are four blocks from our house in Fulham. A city of eight million and god knows how many pubs, restaurants, bars, wine bars, etc…and the highest currently rated is a five minute stroll from our front door. We might see very little beyond our neighborhood on this trip….not really….but is will be a strong magnet.
See you at the end of May………Cheerio!!!

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