Taiwan plans to increase offshore wind energy capacity

Focus Taiwan News Channel outline Taiwan’s further commitment to wind energy.

Speaking at a trade conference in Taipei, deputy head of the BOE Lee Chun-li (李君禮) said the plans for the third phase of the government’s offshore wind energy development project will be released in full later this year.

Taipei, April 25 (CNA) Taiwan is aiming to increase its offshore wind energy generation capacity by 5 gigawatts over a five year period, starting in 2026, the Bureau of Energy (BOE) under the Ministry of Economic Affairs said Thursday.


“Taiwan has been a leader in offshore wind energy for nearly a generation. Here they continue to lead the charge.”

-Ray Dean

AURORA PROJECT – Community Summary Overview

Aurora Project creates access, engagement and powerful technology tools for our global view of community economic growth and the possibilities of our renewable energy future. Our rebellious spirit and community building objective provides a destination source for education, information, coordination, project coordination, supply chain logistics, products, and a collaborative shared vision for our renewable community eco-system. 

We are all in this together. Let’s share our global intellectual capital and lessons learned in order to enrich each other, our communities, and nations of the world. 

Aurora Project’s next generation technology platform and Solution Sectors allow you to become part of the living organism and ecosystem which reinvents the intersections and interconnectivity of our combined intellectual capital on a continuing and advancing basis promoting value for all. 

Aurora Project is also a preferred company of the Not-for-Profit, Foundation for the Advancement of Safety & Training.

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Jamaica’s Wigton Windfarm IPO listed.

Thank you Jamaica Observer 

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The Wigton Windfarm (WWF) initial public offering (IPO) on the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) is expected to be listed in March 2019.

General Manager of Public-Private Partnerships and Privatisation Services at the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ), Denise Arana, noted that the process is progressing smoothly and IPO activities will commence once the JN Fund Managers (JNFM) Limited debt refinancing process is completed.


“When financing and public-private partnerships enter the stock exchange index it is sure sign of money flowing towards renewable energy. Well done Jamaica.”

-Ray Dean


Thank you to the Barbados Underground

The Barbados Light & Power in its recent edition of Watts New Business Managing Director Roger Blackman reassured the audience that his company is committed to a 100/ 100 vision of 100% renewable energy. This is good news for some of us who appreciate that a sustainable power supply that is affordable and a strategic fit for a Small Island Developing State is the commonsense approach.


“The Barbados energy transformation is worth paying attention.”

-Ray Dean

‘Sun in a box’ would store renewable energy for the grid

Interesting from Tallbloke’s Talkshop

This may or may not have its uses, but any idea that the whole world could get electricity mainly from the sun and the wind is not credible, with today’s technology at least.

MIT engineers have come up with a conceptual design for a system to store renewable energy, such as solar and wind power, and deliver that energy back into an electric grid on demand, says TechExplore

The system may be designed to power a small city not just when the sun is up or the wind is high, but around the clock.


“You know, we can create all the energy we want, however if we can’t figure out how to store it, we are losing a massive assets.”

-Ray Dean