• by Aurora Project Group
  • onAugust 6, 2020

The Senegalese Ministry of Oil and Energy has recently decided to exempt equipments for the production of renewable energies such as solar, wind and biogas from VAT

The move has been a much-heard measure by operators in the renewable energy sector in Senegal. The Senegalese Ministry of Oil and Energy has issued a list of 22 electricity and biogas production facilities that are exempt from VAT (value added tax).

The VAT exemption concerns the solar energy sector with equipment such as the photovoltaic solar panel, the solar thermal collector or panel, the solar inverter, the solar battery, the solar water heater kit, the charge regulator, the solar lamp kit, the solar street lamp (comprising a solar panel, a battery and a lantern, editor’s note) as well as the solar pumping kit comprising a solar panel, a controller and a pump.


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