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  • onMay 10, 2020

New music from Charles Ray – "Special Delivery " – Free Download

Waiting on my delivery 
But you know it never came 
So I called the postman 
To see if he even cared 

Guess it wasn’t my day you see 
He had nothing to say to me 
Need to try to find my way 
Is that’s my package in the rain 

Ordered special delivery 
Guess it doesn’t mean the same to me 
Cooling my heels and shooting the breeze 
Waiting for my special delivery 

You know I lost my dog last week 
I think he just really packed his bags 
He said didn’t like the vibe up in here 
Another dented human being 

I keep trying to bob and weave 
But life’s left hook gets the best of me 
No package again today 
I think its just time to drink it away 

Hear a train a commin’ 
The fog helps the sound rebound 
Help me track man, help me please 
Is that my delivery on the noon south bound 

A truck thats seen its better days 
Shows up in my drive today 
Not sure how much more 
They can take away from me 

Glory be and fiddle dee dee 
It looks like a package just for me 
Virtual signature and proof of I.D. 
Scurry inside so no one sees 

Package in hand of green and gold 
A deliberate stroll from my front door 
These days when we hide away 
A New Orleans King Cake coming my way 

To my surprise and par for the day 
No King Cake, with Corona in play 
But it’s a coveted commodity 
That double ply fantasy, special delivery


released May 9, 2020 
All music and production by Charles R. de Cuir (a/k/a Charles Ray)


all rights reserved

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