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  • onApril 9, 2020

New music from Charles Ray – "Rainbow girl " – Free Download

And she tells me 
It’s about truth 
And she ask me 
About my youth 

She’s had too much to drink 
And so have I 
Nice to undo 

Rainbow in a clear blue sky 
Two dogs, and you 
With a balloon 

And she ask me 
If I’ll be home soon 
And she tells me 
She’ll be there too 

It sometimes rains inside of me 
The sun runs and hides you see 
It’s not that I mind the rain 
It is however the thunder in my brain 

And she tells me 
To watch for the moon 
And she ask me 
How I feel about Déjà vu 

It’s the same old story 
Boy meets girl 
My rainbow girl 

When it rains inside of me 
I’m fine with my 
Rainbow girl


released March 29, 2020 
All music & production Charles R. de Cuir (Charles Ray)


all rights reserved

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