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  • onFebruary 15, 2020

New music from Charles Ray – "Rock & Roll Jellyroll" – Free Download

A view of the late 1950s’. Plus it clocks in at the perfect A.M. Pop Radio slot of 2:33

Hey you girl with the red top on 
Let’s take a little ride 
Maybe get undone 
Carmen Gia with the rag top roof 
You know she walks like she’s preaching the truth 

Swing on by the liquor store 
A six and a fifth 
Dear, I’ll open your door 
An afternoon of things generally untold 
My little rock and roll jelly roll 

Hey hey baby’s when you walk that way 
Watch honey drip, can’t keep away 
Stollen line from another time 
She’s a hocchie coochie mama 
Hoping you don’t mind 

Devil’s backbone in her purse 
She never needs anytime to rehearse 
Here ya go honey, this will cure your thirst 
After all its always ladies first 

All dressed up with time to kill 
She makes the sun look like it has no will 
An occasional glance from the side of her eyes 
You know that look from far away skies 

She dances ‘till tomorrow comes around 
She bends and shakes, burning down the town 
On till dawn with the night in tow 
My little rock and roll jelly roll


released February 15, 2020 
All music & production by Charles R. de Cuir (Charles Ray)


all rights reserved

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