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  • onNovember 13, 2019

Renewable Energy: What Happens When The Sun Isn’t Shining And The Wind Isn’t Blowing

With a second offshore wind farm now on the way, Massachusetts is primed to have enough wind energy in the next decade to power about 800,000 homes. But some people might be wondering, what will more renewable energy sources mean for power in the state? How will our lights still turn on when the wind isn’t blowing, and the sun isn’t shining? 

Part of the answer to that question lies out near the border between Massachusetts and New Hampshire: Northfield Mountain Power Station in Erving, Mass., is the old school solution to how the grid handles energy shortages, and one of the state’s oldest batteries.

By Sarah Mizes-Tan & WGBH

“We have always said that energy storage will rule the day.”

-Ray Dean
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