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  • onOctober 24, 2019

What are you cooking today?

The ageless question, right? What’s for dinner?

A couple of nights ago we made shrimp pasta. The important thing to us (being native New Orleanians) is can we get fresh shrimp? As we are in Virginia on the coast now, one would think, yea, no prob, right?

Well, maybe. But that is another discussion. We were able to find some fresh North Carolina shrimp (outrageously priced, at one of our local grocery chains). So step one…Check!

Now what do we want to do? A peruse down the pasta isle and how about some bow tie pasta…yep.

A green pepper, onion, olive oil, some garlic and time to chef it all up.

We sauté the peppers and onions with the oil in a sauce pan for about an hour on low heat. Then the real chef-ing concept. We peeled the shrimp and put the peels in a small stock pot, added some water and chicken stock and let it all cook down. Wow, the flavor from those shells is magnificent.

Cook the pasta, add the strained shrimp stock to the sauce pan, toss the shrimp in until they are nicely poached add the pasta…mix around a bit, a squeeze of lemon…then…voila!

Yum…. What are you cooking today? Let us know.

Ray Dean

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