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  • onAugust 11, 2019

242 House in Cozad offers community as well as fresh cuisine

Nice update from Ashley Bebensee & Kearney Hub. Photo: Erika Prictahard

COZAD — The sounds of laughter and chatter trickle out onto the street near the 242 House in Cozad.

Diners take advantage of the sunshine and warm temperatures to relax on the sprawling patio at farmhouse-style tables, sipping on refreshing cocktails and partaking in an array of freshly made cuisine. Massive, glass garage doors reveal the garage area of the 242 House. Bright, natural light spills into the garage where the farmhouse aesthetic continues with a high ceiling, a long bar decorated with wildflowers, greenery adorning the walls and a cozy fireplace.

Owner Susan Kuhlman stops at each table, not just to ask how the customers are enjoying their food or drink but to take the time to learn more about them.


“Looks like a must see.”

-Ray Dean
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