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  • onJuly 17, 2019

Time to decide if some plants are worth keeping

Good information from Marianne Binetti For The Daily News

Now is the time when you have to decide if the plants that you think suffered over the winter or spring are worth keeping in your garden.

Some perennials such as Hot Lips Salvia, hardy fuchsia and hardy hibiscus are just slow to grow in the spring, but by now if you don’t see lots of new foliage you may need to throw in the trowel and use the shovel solution on any plant, tree or shrub that disappoints you.

Life is too short to put up with ugly plants. If a shrub or perennial is not doing well after a few years in the ground, you can always try moving it to a different location. If that fails give up.


“Marianne Binetti’s line, “Life is too short to put up with angry plants” is a classic, and so true.”

-Ray Dean
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