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  • onJune 30, 2019

GE gas plant to close 20 years early, become battery storage site – sign of the times.

Big news from, electrek and Phil Dzikiy

General Electric will demolish a California natural gas-fired plant with 20 years remaining in its useful life, deeming the plant “uneconomical” as inexpensive solar and wind grab a larger share of power in the state.

The Inland Empire Energy Center (IEEC), a 750 megawatt plant, is slated for closure by the end of the year. GE told Reuters, “We have made the decision to shut down operation of the Inland Empire Power Plant, which has been operating below capacity for several years, effective at the end of 2019.”


“We have been very bullish on energy storage for a few years now. Looks like its all happening. A great asset transition by GE.”

-Ray Dean
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