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  • onJune 26, 2019

Making it in Vermont: Working with wood (and some stingray)

Fun from VTDigger & Anne Wallace Allen.

NEW HAVEN – It’s not every day you need stingray hide to finish a cabinet.

But if you’re building high-end interior cabinets, it’s actually not that uncommon either, says Skimmer Hellier, who keeps a stack of the hides in a drawer at work.

Hellier owns and runs Stark Mountain Woodworking with partner Louis DuPont, whom he met while the two were on a construction crew together in the 1990s. They’ve since expanded their company to 18 workers and operate out of a three-story, 70-year-old former chicken barn in New Haven. The building and many additions include about 12,000 square feet on the ground level.


“Now, this is creative…you never know.”

-Ray Dean
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