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What are the most useful carpentry skills?

Thank you for the humor Jim Milligan & Quora

Saws are for cutting wood, not fingers.

Pencils are easy to lose. Keep more than 5,000 in the shop or jobsite at all times.

The best tool in the world is hard to find. But you definitely will love a board stretcher.

Ladders are a great place to find a good way to cause an injury.

Sawdust isn’t Visene, but it tries to be…fairly often, actually.

Take your time to re measure if you’re about to cut what could turn into an expensive piece of firewood.

Dimensional lumber doesn’t sell by the cord and turn a profit

On a more serious note from Craig Simons & Quora

Measure twice, cut once.

Understand wood grain structure.

Band saws will cut a finger off before you can feel it.

Learn to use hand tools before you buy power tools.

A sharp chisel is safer than a dull chisel.

Visualize making a cut all the way through before you start your table saw.

Buy the best tools you can afford

Take care of your tools

Keep your work area clean and uncluttered

Be aware of the cord location during a cut with a power saw.

“At the end of the day, these tips, humorous and real, are foundational to all woodworking. Keep them handy,”
-Ray Dean

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