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  • onMay 12, 2019

Renewable Energy in Africa Is Set to Surge by 2040, IEA Says

Important report from Our World, IAE & Katie Valentine.

Renewable energy will make up almost half of sub-Saharan Africa’s power generation growth by 2040, according to a report by the International Energy Agency.

The report, which is the IEA’s first major analysis of sub-Saharan Africa, looked at the region’s potential to supply energy to the approximately 620 million people who still lack access to electricity. Sub-Saharan Africa’s economy has been growing rapidly since 2000, the report notes, but the fact that two-thirds of the region’s population lacks access to electricity is stymieing that growth.


“The unlocking of “vast renewable energy resources” in sub-Saharan Africa will create an positive independence, heretofore unknown.”

– Ray Dean

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