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  • onApril 30, 2019

McDonald’s adding Dutch, Spanish, Canadian items to U.S. menu

Stroopwafels? Mozzarella? Yep, both of those — and more

From The Mercury Times & Linda Zavoral. Photo: McDonalds

America’s iconic burger chain will add some international flair this summer.

According to internal McDonald’s documents shared with Business Insider, four global favorites will make their way onto U.S. menus in June.

From the Netherlands comes one creating a lot of buzz. It’s the Stroopwafel McFlurry, soft-serve vanilla with caramel waffle cookies — called stroopwafels — and caramel sauce.

From Spain, the company is importing the Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger. A version of this tested in Florida last year topped a Quarter Pounder with McBacon sauce, bacon, Gouda cheese and slivered onions. (No word on why Spain uses Gouda and not, say, Manchego.)

Canada’s menu will be represented at McDonald’s here by a Tomato-Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich.


“If you’ve been a global hopper, you know that Micky D’s has been everywhere forever, but rarely with any indigenous spin on the menu…well, here we are. If you happen to sample one of the new items, let us know what you think.”

-Ray Dean
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