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  • onApril 28, 2019

Belt and Road Initiative offers opportunities for Turkey’s energy transition

Turkey moves forward. Nice overview from Daily Sabah & Deger Saygin

The second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation that will take place next week in Beijing, China, will draw attention to how increased regional cooperation and an interconnected energy system can help accelerate Turkey’s energy transition.

Germany in Europe and China in Asia have been among the key forces of the global energy transition driven by the low-cost availability of renewable power generation. China currently hosts the largest renewable energy capacity worldwide, equal to 30 percent of the total global installed capacity, including large hydropower capactity. Of the 94 gigawatts (GW) of solar photovoltaic capacity being added each year to the global system over the past two years, China alone accounted for around half of all installations. Thanks to these developments, China has already exceeded its renewable energy capacity targets for both solar and wind by 2017 that was set in its 13th Five Year Plan for 2020.


A key component here is very well pointed out by Deger Saygin. And that is of regional cooperation. Without which, there will only be stumbles and misguided starts.

-Ray Dean
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