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  • onApril 17, 2019

AURORA PROJECT – Community Summary Overview

Aurora Project creates access, engagement and powerful technology tools for our global view of community economic growth and the possibilities of our renewable energy future. Our rebellious spirit and community building objective provides a destination source for education, information, coordination, project coordination, supply chain logistics, products, and a collaborative shared vision for our renewable community eco-system. 

We are all in this together. Let’s share our global intellectual capital and lessons learned in order to enrich each other, our communities, and nations of the world. 

Aurora Project’s next generation technology platform and Solution Sectors allow you to become part of the living organism and ecosystem which reinvents the intersections and interconnectivity of our combined intellectual capital on a continuing and advancing basis promoting value for all. 

Aurora Project is also a preferred company of the Not-for-Profit, Foundation for the Advancement of Safety & Training.

Coordinate with Aurora Project:
www.auroraprojectgroup.com & email: raydean@auroraprojectgroup.com 

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