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  • onApril 7, 2019

With festivities galore this new year, Bengaluru gets taste of cultural melange

Its festival time, thank you to The New Indian Express for this fun article.
BENGALURU: For most Bengalis in the city, homesickness might hit hard the coming week. While most professionals avail leave for Durga Puja, they are left with none for other special occasions, one of which is Poila Baishakh. The new year falls on April 15 and in order to help Bengalis feel more at home, Samhati Bhattacharjya founded Ananda Mela, a group that celebrates Bengali festivals in the city. “The celebration will have a cultural programme, a drama and specialities, including Roshogolla and Malai Chomchom, sourced from popular outlets,” said Bhattacharjya.

“Its indicative in every culture to create festivals around your very culture. If you happen to be in Bangaluru, you might want to pop into this one.”
-Ray Dean

Photo: The New Indian Express
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