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  • onMarch 24, 2019

5 DIY Bird Feeders for the Home and Garden

What’s better than watching this little winged creatures play in on of your creations? Jonathan Engels and One Green Planet has some good ideas.
As spring nears, it’s hard to resist the call of birds and the urge to sit on a porch, or at picnic table, and just watch them enjoy the return of warmth as much as we do. There are plenty of ways to attract birds to fly and flitter around the house, such as having hedges and nice trees, but nothing pulls birds in quite like a bird feeder.
Image: Tony Alter/Flickr

“If you like birds, then you like to see them up close. One great way, without binocs, is to create a feeding station….an “Avian Bistro Buffett”, if you will.”

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