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  • onMarch 2, 2019

Our "Multi-Cultural Bridge"


Is it the warm salt water of the Gulf of Mexico and the sub tropical climate of the the U.S. Gulf Coast, from Texas to Florida, or the Benguela currents of Africa?

Is it the blue of the Mediterranean, or the ancient Sirocco?

How about the wetland crops in fields flooded during the growing season in China or the new age Smart Farming of Australia.

Or the gardening sensibility of France, or Japan, combined with the visions in South Africa.

Or how a fence is built in Bogota, Indonesia, or Texas; what they share and what we can teach one another.

What are the magic ingredients that create and separate our individual homelands? We are as different as our cultural cuisines. And yet, we are the same.

Would you like to know?  Would you like to share your recipes, gardening ideas, woodworking projects? Would you like to have others share their kitchen and cuisine tricks, the garden and shed tips, successes, failures and masterpieces?

Today, hundreds are making the most of our community interaction and taking on their “next great ideas”  with knowledge that gives them confidence in their pursuits.

 Let us know what is going on in your cultural wonderland and we will be happy to share with our global friends.

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Photos by: Atikh Bana, Averie Woodard, Brooke Cagle, Cok Wisnu, Hans-Eiskonen, Juan Encalada, Julian Howard, Luke Michael, Priscilla du Preez, Ratnesh Rai, Sharon McCutcheon, Shashank Thapa, William Recinos, Zhu Hongzhi

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