• by Aurora Project Group
  • onFebruary 3, 2019

Nationally-renowned, intricate woodworking has roots in Bay Area

Daphne White and Curbed show us a new world. Photo: Patricia Chang

Scandinavian, European Arts and Crafts, and Art Nouveau movements influence Sebastopol-based Zito Schmitt Design

“It was an accident that led Debey Zito, who, along with her wife, Terry Schmitt, founded Zito Schmitt Design, to become a nationally known furniture maker. “In high school, I was interested in sewing,” she said, “but I hated my sewing teacher.” When her boyfriend suggested she take wood shop instead—because he couldn’t fit it in his schedule—she agreed to give it a try.”


“You never know how an off hand suggestion many year ago can lead to a newly discovered future.”

-Ray Dean
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