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  • onJanuary 9, 2019

Duluth carver honors nature in woodwork

John Meyers and Duluth News Tribune celebrate the work of Bill Majewski.
Bill Majewski sat in the garage workshop of his home in Duluth’s Smithville neighborhood and fired up a small rotary tool sounding so much like a dental drill that it produced involuntary cringes among guests.
But instead of fillings and caps, Majewski’s work is turning wood into copycats of nature. He calls himself a carver but he’s also a sculptor, a grinder, a sander, burner and a painter. He turns pieces of butternut, basswood, cottonwood, tupelo and other woods into wildly realistic replicas.
Photo: Steve Kuchera / skuchera@duluthnews.com

” They can call this “craft” all day long, however I must say that what Bill Malewski does with bits a pieces of wood is by all means, “Art”.”
Ray Dean

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