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  • onOctober 16, 2018

We are very pleased and excited to announce the merger of Kitchen Jules and Rosewood Project into Kings Market Community

We trust all is well wherever you are in our world today.

We have enjoyed setting up Kitchen Jules & Rosewood Project.

Kitchen Jules specifically for cooking and “All things Kitchen”.

Rosewood Project specifically for “Fun with Wood” and “Home and Garden”

As you know, my wife and I started what we called “Kings Market Community” in 2014 in order to to build a community of exchange and ideas, thus creating a dynamic global ecosystem for all of us to share within.

“We want all to have the ability to exchange information, tips, concerns, solutions etc…with your global community.”

-Ray Dean

The idea was to have two separate areas, one on the kitchen front and the other on the home and garden/woodworking front.

To date this has worked quite well. However we continually see how each area crosses into the other. For example, if we are working on an article or practical tips for a great BBQ, we also think about building an outdoor cabinet, or table, and then all of the various Home & Garden items that come into play.


We are very excited to announce the merger of Kitchen Jules and Rosewood Project into Kings Market Community.

And, a big welcome to our website, kingsmarketcommunity.com

The site has three areas which address all of our combined keen interests.

1. “All things Kitchen” – https://kingsmarketcommunity.com/category/interesting-things/all-things-kitchen/

2. “Fun with Wood” – https://kingsmarketcommunity.com/category/interesting-things/fun-with-wood/

3. “Home & Garden” – https://kingsmarketcommunity.com/category/interesting-things/home-garden/

Each and/or all have various wonderful global content as individual areas and their “cross-over” capabilities.

We are very hopeful that you will enjoy the far more valuable combined interest, and if you only care for one, then simply play in that particular group.

Another great value is that we have built a FORUM


Jump on into the future  and as always our kindest regards.

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