• by Aurora Project Group
  • onOctober 14, 2018

The Force of the Sun: Madagascar Embarks on Renewable Energy Production

“JIRAMA: until when?”  “JIRAMA: it’s been 2 hours!” “JIRAMA: you’re destroying our equipment!” It is 11 a.m. Numerous complaints against the national water and electricity company, JIRAMA, are posted on social media by Internet users. The electricity supply has been cut in several neighborhoods in Antananarivo. Cue the familiar sounds of power generators in offices and a number of stores. The scene is nothing new. Over the past decade, JIRAMA’s customers, both household and industrial alike, have experienced repeated power outages.

Nice overview from the Modern Diplomacy Staff (MD Staff)


“With the current access to electricity pegged at 15% of the Madagasgar population, the possibility of being able to supply additional energy with the prosperous renewable solar resources will change the human future for the country.”

-Ray Dean

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