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  • onOctober 6, 2018

Kings Market Community (KMC) is pleased to announce the launch of its KMC website


Join the live eco-system community market. Kings Market Community is a place to land for approaching the day to day challenges and logistics  of the home. A focus on All Things Kitchen as well as Fun With Wood and Home and Garden visions.
One to enrich the body, the others to enrich the soul.

“We at Kings Market Community are delighted to announce the launch of our website and are very much looking forward to sharing our future with all of you.”
– Ray Dean

Join the discussion in our various FORUMs, or as we call them, “Intelligent Meeting Spaces”; https://kingsmarketcommunity.com/forum/
Have a look at the latest and greatest in our “INTERESTING THINGS (BLOG).; https://kingsmarketcommunity.com/interesting-things-2/
And head into our Marketplace for a day of street shopping. (Remember, Christmas is just around the corner); https://kingsmarketcommunity.com/marketplace/
As always, we want to hear from you. Let us know what you would like to see, or do. Leave comments, questions, replies and/or Facebook posts about your interests, challenges, and next great idea. 
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